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Postby HST » Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:22 pm

Paradigm, Practices, and Instruments.
Please refer to Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition Pages 565-600 for a fairly in depth look at how these interact with one another and your character.

-Choose a Paradigm from the list. There are more in the Book of Secrets, as well as a useful FAQ to help you understand the relationship of all three.

-Choose Three Practices. One must be in line with your Tradition.

-Out of the Practices choose 7-10 instruments and associate abilities to each one. Pick three Instruments as your Preferred Foci.

General Foci: No reduction in Difficulty
Preferred Foci: -1 Difficulty
Specialty: -1 Difficulty
Unique: -1 Difficulty. (cumulative to a Specialty Focus.)

Casting Difficulties
Base difficulty is always the highest sphere used plus one for a conjunctional effect.

Each point of Quintessence that you spend lowers the difficulty of the casting to a maximum of 3 points spent.

Difficulty Modifiers
+1 For casting dynamic magic

+2 Missing an Unsurpassed General Focus

+3 Missing an Unsurpassed Specific Focus

+4 Missing an Unsurpassed Unique Focus

-1 Using a Preferred Practice Focus

-1 Using a Surpassed General Focus or Unsurpassed Specific Focus

-2 Using a Surpassed Specific Focus, Surpassed Preferred Practice, or Unsurpassed Unique Focus

-3 Using a Surpassed Unique Focus

+1 If the Resonance of the target of an effect or the area an effect is being cast in opposes the caster’s Resonance (this is cumulative for each opposing trait of Resonance)

-1 If the Resonance of the target of an effect or the area an effect is being cast in compliments the caster’s Resonance (this is cumulative for each complimenting trait of Resonance)

-2 If the Resonance of the target of an effect or the area an effect is being cast in is identical to the caster’s Resonance (this is cumulative for each identical trait of Resonance)

Note: the lowest the difficulty can go is one.

Grades of Success
+1 for succeeding in an unnecessary overbid

+1 for one Willpower spent before the test is made for an effect. This may only be done once per effect.

+1 For having a Specialty in a Sphere

+1 Spending a full Round in casting.

+1 For every time increment after a round (Minute, Hour, Day, and so on)

-Vulgar effects garner one Paradox if there are no sleeper witnesses. Backlash is only risked when the storyteller determines if the effect was too extreme.
-Vulgar effects with Sleeper witnesses garner Paradox equal to the level of the highest rating in a sphere and automatically risks backlash.
Backlash: Whenever Paradox is accrued the character may make a simple test. A win will cause an immediate backlash, failure will cause the Paradox to accrue and build for a future backlash. The mage can also spend a Willpower to automatically prevent a backlash, most useful in critical situations where backlash would be inconvenient.

Botching an effect occurs a variety of ways:
-By failing an overbid of any kind; retest or grade of success.
-Whenever you fail to cast an effect that has more spheres than your Arete rating.
-Failing a casting that exceeds twice your Arete rating in difficulty.

-Checking for a Botch:
After the failing casting make two simple tests, if you fail both you botch.

Vulgar Botch: Gain paradox as if you casted the effect. Paradox Backlashes as if you had casted the effect. This happens automatically, and you may not spend a willpower to stave off the backlash.

Coincidental Botch: Gain paradox as if the effect were Vulgar with Witnesses. Characters may make the simple test to stave off backlash.

Willpower: By spending a point of Willpower you may prevent any chance of Botching.
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Contested Challenges

Postby HST » Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:09 am

Contested Challenges
Every effect that targets a creature (Mage/Mortal/Garou) must be followed up with a challenge of some kind. Throwing Fireballs for instance would be a physical challenge, whereas Telepathy would be a Mental challenge. The Retest for the attacker would be the ability focus attributed to the highest sphere in the effect. The retest for the defender is anything you would use to normally defend against that kind of attack. Dodge for the Fireball. Meditation/Subterfuge for Telepathy.
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Non-Numerical bonuses

Postby HST » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:24 pm

Anything that grants the Bomb will instead grant 5 traits on any non-combat challenge or, 4 traits on a combat* related challenge.

Anything that grants ties will instead, grant 10 traits on any non-combat challenge, or 8 traits on a combat related challenge.

Initiative boosts
Any effect that grants the ability to either; go first in a round, or preempt a challenge, will instead grant a base of 10 traits solely for the purposes of Initiative.

*A combat challenge is any physical challenge that happens in combat rounds.ay with these types of bonuses altogether.
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Aura Colours and Textures

Postby HST » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:17 am

Sensing Auras can be determined by Apprentice Mind, or Apprentice Spirit. In order to identify creature type, you must have the requisite lore, or be told of what creature type the texture corresponds with by someone who does. Once you activate the effect it takes a mental challenge against the target to discern their aura.

Emotional State Color
Bitterness: Brown
Calm, Devotion: Blue
Change, Transformation: Violet
Compassion, Affection: Pink
Empathy, Sensitivity: Green
Enthusiastic, Idealistic: Yellow
Fear: Orange
Fury: Dark Red
Pain Hatred: Black
Passion Anger: Red
Sadness :Silver
Uncertainty: Depression Gray

Condition: Texture
Arousal: Bright
Corruption: Pulsating
Dementia: Quiet Flickering
Excitement: Crackling
Faerie: Rainbow highlights
Marauder: Hypnotic, swirling
Fanatical: Intense colors
Ghost Weak: faded
Magic/ Mage: Sparkling
Nephandus: Wouldn’t you like to?
Sickness: Dying Fading
Spirituality, Awareness: Gold
Truth, Purity, Faith: White
Vampire: Pale
Werecreature: Bright, vibrant
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Initiative for Magical Effects

Postby HST » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:35 am

All Magical effects take place on 3x your Arete rating. Initiative boosts may be used to change this.
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