Basic House Rules

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Basic House Rules

Postby HST » Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:12 pm

Attributes and Abilities
-When making Attribute Challenges add your ranking of the appropriate Ability to the test. Always add your permanent rating. Furthermore, all challenge difficulties increase by two.

Martial Arts
Martial Arts are per Laws of the East, save for the modifications outlined below.
-Each level of Martial Arts cost 2xp to learn.
-You must possess an Athletics score equal to the level of Martial Arts you possess.
-For each dot of Martial Arts, you may declare double the rating you possess. This is to bring the Martial Arts rules in sync with the new Abilities rules.
-Each level of Martial Arts you must spend a number of months training. It takes an number of Months equal to the rating you are training for in order to learn it. This is doubled if you haven’t found an Instructor. An Akashic Brother may teach up to double their Do rating rounding up (to a max rating of 5).
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