Downtime and Experience Awards

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Downtime and Experience Awards

Postby HST » Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:08 pm

Downtime Guidelines

To fill in a Downtime please use this form.

-You cannot purchase more than one of the same Ability or Background in the same Downtime, unless given expressed permission from the staff.


Rotes: If you do not have a teacher or the influence to be taught a rote, it takes 2 weeks to learn a basic level rote, 4 weeks to learn an Intermediate, and 6 weeks to learn an advanced one. These times are cut in half if you have a Teacher or the Influence to spend.
Rotes never cost xp, just time.

Sphere and Rote learning: You can never learn a sphere at the same time you are researching a rote.

Ritual Casting and Magic Items: You have a number of these actions equal to your Arete rating. There is a time requirement on both of these things and you cannot do two things at once.

Experience Awards
2xp-Being Active online
1-3xp-Good Roleplaying
1xp- Event Rsvp
2xp- Plot resolution
2xp-Downtime Actions-Post Game Reports
1xp- Long Distance Travel
2-4xp- Contributing to game
2xp- Short Term Goals <3 months*
4xp- Long Term Goals >6 months*
2xp- Bringing more meat for the Grind (bringing a player)
2xp-OWBN Council Position or Storyteller Staff (HST, AST, Narrator, etc)

*Short term and Long term goals must be written down and sent to the Staff for approval and archiving before you start achieving them. Furthermore, as we are not Omnisicient you must send a log in to describe what you have been doing in character to achieve the goals. Not only is this for proof, but it is also to show the depth of the character you are playing.

Contributing to game: will be spending money on Props, Stationary items (Item Cards, Paper etc.), and other items that help the Chronicle as a whole. If there are players that need Rides and they do a shout out on the Forums and Puppet Prince, and you answer with a ride. Then that would count as well.

After Game Reports: Post a message on in your character that includes the following: What you enjoyed about the game? What can be handled a bit better? Where was your character strongest in the session? Where was it weakest? Are your Goals being completed? How are your IC interactions with PCs/NPCs going? Downtime: What does your character do every month? Please make sure to write a summary of your characters’ actions. If all you do is list your spends and what you are researching or crafting, you will not be able to benefit from this.

Long Distance Travel: If you travel at least 45 minutes away (Roughly the distance of Boston in traffic) this shows determination and intent to play, and I always love to see that kind of devotion.
FYI: The max XP that a player can gain a session is 8xp. However, I am trying to give players as many avenues as possible to gather the maximum.
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