Magic Item Creation.

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Magic Item Creation.

Postby HST » Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:59 pm


The Number of magic items you may have access to at a game is equal to your Arete. The only exceptions to this are charms and Talens, which you may have up to your Arete+Willpower. This doesn’t count toward your limit of other items. Trinkets are exempted from this as they are not true magic items.

There are many types of Magic Items. In order to craft a Wonder, you must possess the requisite sphere and spend a week per level of the Wonder on crafting and enchanting it. The Steps for crafting an item are as follows

Step One: Foundation
Begin by making a mental challenge that is retested with the appropriate ability with which you would craft the item you are enchanting (Difficulty 9). It takes one day per point in the Wonder to craft the vessel and each day requires one test. If the test fails, the work for that day is lost and you must make it up. If you lose more than half the rating in tests the work is destroyed, and you must start over.

Step Two: Infusion
Perform a Ritual to infuse energy into the Vessel. This is where you spend the Quintessence to charge the vessel. This takes a base of 3 Grades of Successes plus 1 for each point in the rating of the Wonder. The amount of Quintessence needed for this step is 5 Quintessence for every point in the rating of the Wonder. Fetishes, Periapts, Matrices do not require this step.

Step 3: Investment
Perform a Ritual to imprint the Vessel with the intended effect. The amount of Successes needed for this is equal to the rating of the wonder. This step requires Prime 3+the requisite spheres and is always vulgar. This step is not needed for Fetishes, but they do require an Arete challenge equal to the rating of the Wonder to attune themselves to the Fetish.

Types of Wonders
Artifacts/Invention (Prime 4): The standard Magical item that Mages craft. It cannot be used by anyone without an Arete Rating and takes the normal amount of time to craft.

Charms/Gadgets (Prime 3): One shot magic items. These take half the time to craft and you can make up to your Arete rating in one go. It takes only 2 Qiuintessence per level in the Infusion step.

Fetishes (Spirit 4): This takes a long and drawn out conflict depending on the type of Spirit you are dealing with. You can bind a spirit into any vessel, but one that is created for the specific purpose of becoming a fetish gets bonus traits, equal to the rating of the ability that was used to create it, in all challenges to persuade the spirit to be stored into it. You may only claim this bonus when there is a positivity in the negotiation (not through intimidation or attacks.)

Periapts/Matrices: (Prime 4 to create. Prime 2 to drain and store quintessence in them.): These are essentially Quintessence receptacles. A Periapt holds 10 points of Quintessence per rating of the Wonder. In order to craft a Periapt you need the amount of quintessence equal to the rating you are aiming for.

Relic (Life 5, Prime 4): This is a living Artifact or Talisman. If the living being is being used as a Talisman, they gain the Blessing background and can use the effect at will. If they are an Artifact, they have no control over the effect and it lasts as long or as specific as the Mage that casted it determines.

Talens (Spirit 3): These items are one shot use versions of Fetishes. While these can be used to produce effects that are not limited to your Spheres, they only cast minor effects that are generally weaker than Charms. Each Charm requires a recipe in order to appease the spirit within it. Like Fetishes, these do not accrue paradox.

Talisman/Devices (Prime 4): These are items that are invested with the will of the Mage. By investing a permanent Willpower into the talisman at the time of infusion, the Arete of the creator is infused along with any effects. This allows a Sleeper to cast the effect that the item holds. It creates an Arcane connection to the Mage that crafted the item.

Trinkets (Varies; usually Matter 2): These are items that are crafted using magic. By investing Correspondence into a pair of binoculars you may double the range of their vision. These should only function as high end and state of the art versions of an item, not giving someone more than a +1 on general challenges or a +3 on specific challenges.
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Items in a Session

Postby HST » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:47 am

Items can prove a hassle to both player and Storyteller. For this reason we will impose a limit to what you can carry in a given session. Any item that isn't a charm or talen counts to a cap equal to twice their character's Arete. If a Mage has more items than this, they must choose which of them they have access to in a given session.

A Mage may have a number of charms and talens available to him equal to his Arete+Willpower in any given session.

Mundane items and trinkets do not count toward these caps.
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