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There are three types of Wards. Each of them use a term called ‘the objective’. This is the target effect that the ward interacts with. These are specific things and cannot be whole spheres. Different Spheres grant different objectives. You must always spend enough Grades of Successes for any

Sensory: These are your standard Initiate Correspondence wards. They grant the ability to notify the caster when an objective occurs within them. Creating a basic ward is pretty much detailed in the Correspondence section of Laws of Ascension.

Bans: These are your standard Disciple Correspondence blocking wards that deny the Objective entry into an area. They are not permanent, and the objective (if capable) can do a Static Physical challenge contested against three times the caster’s Arete to resist.

Permanent Wards: Permanent Wards and Bans require Correspondence 4 to put up. In order to make a Ward permanent, you must spend enough Grades of Successes to duration up to a month (4 Grades of Success)and 1 for each objective you put into it beyond the first. then spend the requisite amount of Quintessence to keep it active. The cost in Quintessence for the initial casting is 10+1 for each additional Objective beyond the first. Upkeep is required to keep these active. 1+the number of Objectives amount of Quintessence per month is required for Permanent Sensory Wards. That number is doubled for Permanent Bans.
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